Replacement parts Is a bit more OK?

Whether it’s new insoles, a speed-lace system, new laces or other replacement parts. Let us know what you need for your favourite LOWA footwear and we’ll send it to you. All we need is the model, the colour and the shoe size (in UK) of your footwear. For example, MAURIA GTX Ws in anthracite/petrol (220645 9776) in UK 6.


“For a high-quality product there are, of course, also replacement parts. Alongside shoelaces and insoles we also have hundreds of hooks, loops and eyelets for almost any footwear. And if not, then we’re certain to find a suitable alternative.”

Arthur | LOWA Manager Service Department

Which parts of my shoe can be repaired?

How it works

The first point of contact for all repairs within the warranty is your LOWA specialist retailer. Thanks to their expertise, your retailer can best judge what steps to take, or if your boots should be sent for repair or to make a complaint. If it is a complaint within the warranty, then take the boots to the retailer or send them in if they were purchased online or elsewhere (all retailers can be found here). Always attach a copy of the receipt to the boots and a short letter describing the problem. The retailer will then look after the rest of the complaint process.

Your shoe is no longer covered by the warranty, or you want to have it repaired?
We’ll be happy to assist you!

Please contact the importer for your country and ask if this service is available in your country.

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    Do you need replacement parts for your shoe? A new fastener, new insoles or new laces? Contact us and we can talk about what you need to do.

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    You need to be a little patient right now. Your replacement parts, including the invoice, are on the way to you.

Do you have any other questions?

Send us a message. We’ll be happy to help.

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